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Integrity Games is a research based learning platform on academic integrity aimed at undergraduate university students across all faculties. It is designed to spark interest, reflection and learning through four gamified cases and a library of central concepts.

Integrity Games is built on the idea that academic integrity is more than avoidance of clear-cut cheating. It also involves knowledge of the basic requirements for academic integrity, and competence in navigating the many grey zones between outright cheating and good practice.

Many of the academic integrity issues students face – such as freeriding in group work or handling deviating data - are not covered by the local disciplinary rules, and even if they are, the interpretation of the rules may be context dependent.

Navigating grey zones therefore requires attention to context and reflection on the broader aims of higher education.

Integrity Games encourages this through engaging and realistic cases drawn from a major study on the integrity issues commonly faced by undergraduate students in Europe.

The tool in designed to be flexible. To get an overview, please watch the video on this page.

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The documents below describe the research basis for the project:

We hope you will find Integrity Games a valuable addition to you teaching

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Overview of the Integrity Games

In this video you will get an overview of the Integrity Games. The video is 6m 47s long. It is best viewed in full screen format - just click on the 4-arrows symbol.