About the Integrity Games

Integrity Games is a research based teaching tool on academic integrity aimed at university undergraduate students from all disciplines.

Suggestions on how to use the tool in teaching are found here, on the "For Teachers" page.

Part of the Horizon2020 INTEGRITY project

The first version of Integrity Games was developed in 2021 as part of the research project INTEGRITY funded by the EU through Horizon 2020. The site will be continually expanded with new cases and translations.

Integrity Games was originally developed by researchers from the universities in Copenhagen, Debrecen, and Geneva in collaboration with imCode Partner AB, Sweden.

The team

As of Sep 2021, the contents on the site was developed by:

University of Copenhagen
Mads Goddiksen, Mikkel Willum Johansen, Peter Sandøe

University of Debrecen
Orsolya Varga, Anna Catharina Armond

University of Geneva:
Christine Clavien, Céline Schöpfer

The technology was developed by
imCode Partner AB, Sweden

The storyline and dramaturgy was created by the whole team under the supervision of Hillar Loor, imCode.


Information regarding photos and copyright of all photos can be found here


Any inquires regarding the contents can be sent to
Mads Goddiksen, mpg@ifro.ku.dk

Inquiries regarding technical or dramarturgical issues can be sent to
Hillar Loor, hillar@imCode.com

©the project group of INTEGRITY, 2021