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Integrity Games!

We are happy to see you here. Please enjoy our games. They are all created to show some realistic situations where you are the main character and your decisions have consequences.

Please select your language in the menu on the top and then just click on any of the blue buttons to start a case.

If you wish to read about terms used in the cases, just click on References in the top menu.

In all cases you play the role of a student with many tasks to fulfill. Some times the choices you face will be easy and sometimes you will have to ask yourself - do I really know how to handle this?

Have fun - and discover a world of dilemmas.

The Integrity Games Team

Using this tool

The platform is called Integrity Games - and you would think that you could get points and that you could win or lose the game.

But in ethics there is not always an obvious right or wrong, so the tool is more of a simulation of situations with different ethical dilemmas. And you do not win or lose. You just experience.

Integrity Games is supposed to be used in a combination with classroom teaching - the dilemmas discussed by students and teachers together. The understanding comes from reflection and discussion.

Read more about how Integrity Games could be used in a teaching situation - in the section "ForTeachers".

About the language

This case generator is multi-lingual. If you wish to explore it in your language, just select it in the top menu.


Don't know which cases to play? Take this quiz and find out. If you do, you will also learn which topics other students find tricky.

The Integrity Games

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